Vietnam promotes MICE tourism

MICE tourism has attracted a large number of visitors to Viet Nam, with many of the country's major cities playing host to a wide range of international events, including Ha Noi, Da Nang and HCM City.

“The authorities should recognise that MICE tourism brings a big profit for [the] Vietnamese tourism industry. That’s why we have to put investment behind it”.
“Tourism companies estimate that Western and Asian tourists spend an average of US$700-1,000 and $400 per day, respectively,” said Huyen. “The economic benefit of MICE tourism is six times more than traditional leisure-based tourism”.
Research shows that after attending business events, MICE visitors then engage in tourism activities exploring Viet Nam’s natural landscapes and cultural hotspots. The first step has been taken to overcome the obstacle of disjoint and to boost MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions) tourism in Vietnam.
The Vietnam MICE Club had a discussion on Tuesday about promotion programs, fairs, and product sales for MICE, two months after its debut. The meeting figured out the problem of domestic MICE industry is the shortage of partner’s information and efficient methods to attract customers.
Nguyen Hong Nga of Vietnam Airlines said the firm has pricing policies to promote MICE tourism. “We have low priced tickets available during certain periods, especially for MICE customers,” she said.
Vietnam Airlines will apply special pricing policies to certain flights with more MICE tourists, such as flights to Australia, Europe, Singapore and some other Asian countries. The airline also has favorable policies on luggage fees and ticket prices for the club members that will join the upcoming expo in Thailand, Nga of Vietnam Airlines said.

She added “it is not difficult to promote MICE products. The point is whether enterprises care about the cooperation to promote it or not.”
(Source: The Saigon Times)